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With a BIG BIG potential for tourism, Ninh Binh is developing day by day. You will see a series of travel style in this province as biking, trekking, boat trip, eco-tour, exploring rain forest, pilgrim travel or just relaxing vacation.
It is amazing that, Ninh Binh seems to be a compex of ancient temples & building, imposing natural beauty and unspiled fauna & flora. In another side, Ninh Binh remains many traditional handicraft villages such as Ninh Van stone curving, Van Lam embroidring, Kim Son sedge making, etc., That' s sound beguiling if you have chance to visit these villages. You will reach to the traditional values as well as admire the serenity of Vietnam's countryside. 
Ninh Binh also enchants you by the most authentic moments with huge rice-fields, small houses with cooking smoke and local style. Sometimes, you will meet the leisurely buffaloes or a flork of duckes thoes are lazily soaking or swimming into streams. Other impressing imagine is that the rural children in their school uniform on the way of coming back home after school time.

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  • Bai Dinh Temple - the Buddhist symbol of Ninh Binh Province, a famous sacred destination of Vietnam.

    Experience The Retreat at Bai Dinh Pagoda

    With the desire to bring the tastes to young people, to help them to love, to live responsibly, to know their gratitude, to show their respect and to create a healthy and useful space for the youth in the summer, creating a place to help children ..

    10-08-2017 20:07:01
  • The largest temple in Vietnam viewed from a height of 100m

    The largest temple in Vietnam viewed from a height of 100m

    Looking from above, the panorama of Bai Dinh Pagoda (Ninh Binh) is narrowed down to the eye, space around the pagoda is a little blue. The Vietnamese, Southeast Asian and Asian records of the temple have become unusually ..

    10-08-2017 02:41:24
  • Ninh Binh with stunning countryside.

    Ninh Binh with the lovely countryside looking

    In the morning when the fog covers the caves and mountains in Tam Coc, a woman rides a bike through the path with green paddy fields and bamboos. A sign “thit cho” (dog meat) is on the wall of the small alley. There are luxuriant plants ..

    09-08-2017 20:16:38
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