Experience The Retreat at Bai Dinh Pagoda

With the desire to bring the tastes to young people, to help them to love, to live responsibly, to know their gratitude, to show their respect and to create a healthy and useful space for the youth in the summer, creating a place to help children reduce stress, resolve the soul, Bai Dinh Pagoda held summer sessions for students, students aged from 13 to 25 experience life Tu pure heart style temple.
Attending the summer retreat at Bai Dinh pagoda are thousands of students from different provinces in the country. Each retreat takes place in 7 days with interesting activities that are suitable for the children's age, such as activities connected with love, sport health promotion, exchange life skills...

In a week away from home, away from parents, children are vegetarian, recite the Buddha, not use the phone, and comply with the rules of the temple. At the retreats, they were taught by the teachers about the basic teachings of Buddhism, the cultivation of love, the doctrine of human being in order to learn from them and have a correct attitude of living, positive, sense of responsibility and love of people. Monks like the sailors, help to evoke beauty in the soul of the young, helping them to distinguish right from wrong in their path, helping them to change in thought and action, to live responsible for yourself and your family, love is the foundation for a happy life, towards the spiritual values of the nation.

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It is one of the most effective methods of education for the families of students and students attending summer retreats. Because the Buddhist values of Buddhism are always the cradle of direction and nurture a good moral personality for the students in the midst of the complex, the temptations of social life.

Participating in summer sessions at Bai Dinh Pagoda Ninh Binh, parents and students do not have to pay any fees. All activities at the temple are free, all costs are donated by pagodas and charitable donations. The course is held 2 times, the first phase from 4-10 / 6 and the second from 2-8 / 7. This is probably the opportunity to build the beauty in the soul, building the foundation for the young people towards the path of the true -the good- the beautiful

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