Ninh Binh with the lovely countryside looking

In the morning when the fog covers the caves and mountains in Tam Coc, a woman rides a bike through the path with green paddy fields and bamboos. A sign “thit cho” (dog meat) is on the wall of the small alley. There are luxuriant plants among the ruinous Vietnamese house. In the Kenh Ga canal, an old couple stays quiet fishing. They are the views of Ninh Binh – a small town in the North. Its natural stunning beauty can give tourists an unforgettable experience. 
The reasons why visitors have to consider before choosing it as the destination: this peaceful place does not have Western food, pubs and nightclubs for foreign travelers. Also, it is not an ideal place for people who love parties.

The reasons to join: this beautiful spot can attract ardent photographers by its brilliant colors and charming landscapes. They have chances to brighten their pictures with these factors.  There are a lot of tranquil backgrounds such as rivers, caves, lakes, silent roads, paddy fields and trees rather than the surroundings of Hanoi. If you are a nature lover, let’s move to Ninh Binh!
Note: this land is quite safe. The people here are eager to see foreigners. The majority of houses will close and lock the door at about 9.30pm. Therefore, it becomes solitary. Although walking around at night can not be considered as having no safety, you are suggested not to go out.

Movement: Ninh Binh is situated 93 km far from Hanoi. You can take a bus directly these. If you want to choose the lowest travel expense, you can ask the receptionist at the hotel the nearest bus station and bus’s timetable. There are a lot of buses noting clearly their destinations on the front. Taking one of them and buy a ticket (by pen, paper or hand signals). It takes about 2 hours to get there with around 100,000d. Besides, ask for the help of the hotels and let them take you the bus station. Their price can be higher; however, you can enjoy more comfortably.

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