Ninh Binh Province – A Huge Tourism Potential

Ninh Binh is approximately 90km far away from Hanoi southward. It is on the Red River Delta with geographical coordinates from 105032' to 106033' at Eastern longitude and from 19050' to 20027' at Northern latitude. It is conterminous with Thanh Hoa in the West and Southwest, with Ha Nam in the North, with the East Sea in the Southeast, with Hoa Binh in the Northwest and with Nam Dinh in the East.


This province has sea, forests and a various system of flora and fauna with an area of around 1,400km2. It includes mountains of the Northwest mountain ranges of Vietnam and plains. Moreover, it is situated at a strategic position for the development of the society and military security. Ninh Binh is the place that troops gathered when they went to the south and the north of our country and created the well-known triumphs of the national history.

The nature gives Ninh Binh a vast number of spots which draw the attention of both domestic and foreigner tourists, for example Trang An Grottoes, Van Long Nature Reserves, Cuc Phuong National Park and Tam Coc – Bich Dong. This land also has a lot of historic relics such as Tam Diep Defense Line, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Phat Diem Stone Cathedral, Bich Dong Pagoda and Thai Vi Temple. It is considered as an attractive area of distinctive sceneries and legend.

Its topography encompasses coastal delta, hills, mountains and wetlands, which brings it a plenty of tourist destination such as mountains, hills, primitive rain forest, coastal delta and river delta. Moreover, it has many historical relics of the Early Le, Dinh, Tran and Ly dynasties in the period between 10th and 13th century. Each year, this province holds a lot of traditional festivals which is full of cultural identities of the villages in the Red river delta.

People of this land have the tradition of being hard working, kind, eager to learn, laborious, hospitable and have a deep love for their country. Almost the tourist spots are located in the radius of 50 km from the city. They also connect with the transport systems like the 1A highway or the North-south railway. Thus, it is the stop of the long-distanced trains and buses from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City or Hue and vice versa. It is also the perfect destination for relaxing.

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